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Ah~ The importance of food.

All living creatures need food. From Unicellular microorganisms to the Blue whale. Actually, even abstract concepts such as love needs food. In the words of Shakespeare, “let music be the food of love”.

How many of you had named your pet/s after food? I have! A pet Venus Flytrap named Burgers, the fly or some unfortunate insects being the meat patty in the middle, and an adorable Puppy called Candy.

I wonder if people will ever start naming streets and roads after food.


About hungabusta

Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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  1. Haha – true! And Cream and Coffee for my fishies ^-^ I do love my foods!!

  2. DrinkingStar

    Music is indeed the food of life, love and the soul.


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