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Hi there! (^-^)

Welcome to my food blog, where I get to share my passion for food with everyone~~

Morning Tea

Parts of the idea occurred to me while I was waiting at the counter, trying to pay my bill, after a meal at a particular Steam Boat restaurant.

For someone who is as socially inept as me, it is always a slightly disturbing experience to have a stranger starting a conversation with you.

The actual conversation was pretty bizarre, and the request even stranger O.O Well, at least to me it sounded strange.

The exchange made me realise the consumers’ feedback plays a very big part in determining the rise and fall of a business. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! We have the power!!!!! >:D

It also made me realise the huge impact these same feedbacks and reviews have in helping other consumers make informed choices.

My sister Mary completed the puzzle by suggesting I create my own food review blog, since I currently have no hobby anyway, so here it is!! (^-^)


About hungabusta

Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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  1. DrinkingStar

    I did not know there were more sections to you blog beyond your food review. I stumbled across these other parts by accident. I can send you some food recipes my wife and my mother side of the the family have. One of my aunts dontated some of her recipes for Hungarian foods. PS.: that is Hungarian as in the Huns and Magyars, and not Hungarian as in Judy Hung 😆

    You see from my Hungarian lineage I am truly a descendant of Barbarians and as such, the taste of food is not as important as the quantity. 😆


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