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2 Jan 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!! 🙂

Welcome to my first food diary entry

Today my family and I went to Star Cafe on Chapel Road for Yum Cha lunch. The food was great! Attached is a photo of some of the food we had:

The service was good, and the restaurant was already quite crowded when we arrived at around 11:30am.

I particularly enjoyed the chewy fried Sesame ball and Century egg congee. Mmm mmm mmm~~~~~ Total satisfaction (^-^)

It was a shame that I forgot to bring my mobile phone with me, otherwise I would have been able to take more photos of the yummy food.

My sister Mary was kind enough to lend me her phone, in order to take a photo of the lunch, before everyone started to dig in. Actually, looking carefully at the photo, I think a certain hungry someone had beat me to it and started eating already ^^”

To sum it up, the Yum Cha food was very lovely, and the time spent with my family even better.


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Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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