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A few friends and I went to Kermadec on Viaduct Harbour for lunch awhile back.

It was very nice to be able to enjoy our lunch while admiring the sunny sea views. 🙂

After examining the HUNGa busta poll result, which has a total of one vote, I thought now would be a good time to make a start on Restaurant reviews.

Taste: 3/5

Here is a link to their seafood menu:

The seafood menu can be viewed as a PDF file. They also have a menu with an extensive Wine list.

We ordered:

Kermadec Seafood Platter – Plateau de fruits de mer.
Whole East Coast Crayfish, prawns, Auckland Island scampi, Clevedon Coast oysters, mussels, clams
served with mignonette sauce, mustard mayonnaise, saffron aioli, preserved lemon mayonnaise. Served Chilled.

For two as a main course or four as an entrée

To be honest, the food was average.

Hmmmm.. how do I put it. Everything tasted as expected, i.e. there was no surprise, and if I had the same ingredients, I would have been able to replicate the exact same taste at home.

Price: 3.5/5

The seafood platter cost $150, which I thought wasn’t bad. The serving was definitely enough for two people to enjoy.

Service: 5/5

The service was excellent. The staff members were very friendly and attentive.

They also offer customers a $5 prepaid parking ticket for parking at Downtown Carpark.

Overall Mark: 3.8/5

Comment: To be fair, I have only tried the seafood platter, therefore the mark given to the taste is only based on this one dish. They may very well have something spectacular on their menu which I did not get to try. One thing for sure though, the sea view is definitely a bonus on a sunny day!! (^-^)


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  1. Cool! I’ve never been before, maybe I should try sometime ^-^

  2. Yeah! Let’s all go together sometime! 🙂


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