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Could you identify these?

This jar of unidentified grains was causing quite a stir during lunch time today.

Okay, lets start from the beginning.

While I was preparing my meal in the lunch room, one of my non-Asian colleagues came to me with the jar in her hand and asked me what the grains were.

I replied that I didnt know, to which she gave me a confused look.

Note: I have noticed an interesting social phenomenon. It appears from my own observation, that some Non-Asian people, when unable to identify an unknown or weird food, would readily approach the next Asian person available to enquire about the food. Personally, I find it rather quite flattering for people to assume we have so much knowledge on interesting food. (^-^)

Sitting at the lunch table, I managed to find the owner of the jar, and relayed the story to him and other close by colleagues.

And thats how the intense debate began…..

Everyone pretty much insisted the grains were pearl barley, except for my colleague who brought the grains, he insisted they were not barley but doesnt know the English name for them.

It was all against one, except for me who didnt know what it was, and the debate sure got heated!!

He eventually did some research and was able to successfully identify the grains as Jobs Tears, which are easily and commonly confused with Pearl Barley.

According to my knowledgeable colleague, they are commonly used in soups and porridges.

Aha!! This indicates there is a good reason behind the social phenomenon I mentioned above, in this case, the interesting unknown food was brought to work and finally correctly identified by an Asian technician!


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  1. They do sort of look like barley… but not quite.


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