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Just came back home from family dinner.

The food was lovely, we went to a Taiwanese Restaurant called My Kitchen on Meadowland Drive in Howick.

I had a Taiwanese sausage rice dish, and some shaved ice for dessert. (^-^)

Taiwanese sausages with vegetables on rice.

Taiwanese sausages are savoury with a mild sweet taste.

Shaved ice with pearl jelly, coconut jelly, and pudding jelly.

*For anyone who is unfamiliar with Pearl Jelly, it is a common ingredient used in Bubble tea.*

Taiwanese shaved ice is usually eaten with condensed milk, accompanied by jellies, fruits or sweet beans.

For me, it was wonderful just to be able to get together with my family, however the good food was definitely a bonus! (^-^)


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Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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  1. I had beef noodles! It tasted real good and was very presentable! You should’ve taken a pic!


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