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Sunset Free Range Eggs (Mixed grade)

Sunset FreeRange Poultry is a New Zealand company, dedicated to animal welfare. Their farms are audited by SPCA inspectors every year, and the company carries the SPCA free range egg accreditation scheme blue tick. Therefore, their hens are guaranteed to be free range, and have good living conditions.

If you would like more information, regarding Sunset FreeRange Poultry, here is a link to their official website:

Taste: 5/5

Their free range eggs taste a lot richer, than the usual supermarket eggs, and the yolks look a much brighter yellow.

Cost: 5/5

The price is NZ$6.99 for a dozen free range eggs.

They also come in half a dozen for NZ$4.99, if you would like to purchase a smaller quantity.

However, it would definitely be cheaper in the long run to purchase the dozen pack if you have eggs regularly.

I understand the price is higher compared to most eggs from the shops, but I am very happy to pay that little bit more for the superior quality and animal welfare.

Availability: 4/5

Sunset free range eggs can be purchased from certain Supermarkets, and Butchers.

Here is a link to their stockists:

I purchase them from Aussie Butcher on Ti Rakau Drive in Botany.

Overall Mark: 4.7/5

Comment: Definitely highly recommended if you are like me and don’t mind spending a little bit more for quality and animal welfare!! (^-^)


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  1. I totally agree ^-^ Support animal welfare!! I’m sure Kiiroitori would feel the same way too!


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