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Savoury vs Salty

Up until recently I had thought savoury means salty.

In actual fact savoury is a taste by its own right.

There are five basic tastes, these are: bitterness, saltiness, sourness, sweetness, and umami (aka Savoury)

Many people misuse the words savoury and salty, thinking they are the same taste.

I think the reason why people are confused is because a lot of the time the word ‘savoury’ is used to describe dishes which are also ‘salty’.

As a matter of fact, from personal experience, added salt (saltiness) can enhance the savoury taste (meaty taste) in a dish.

Yummy savoury bread from an Asian bakery (^-^)

This brings me to the Taste map, which describes how different areas of the tongue are responsible for sensing each of the basic taste. It has since been proven by research the Taste map is nothing more than a myth.

The research found all regions of the tongue possess receptors which sense every basic taste.


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  1. What? Really? Didn’t know that – I still feel some parts of my tongue are more sensitive to certain tastes than others. So if savoury=umami then savoury is like a sweet+salty+seafood flavour?


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