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Tea vs Coffee, which has more caffeine??

Have you ever wondered, between coffee and tea, which contains more caffeine on average?

Almost all tea and coffee preparations have caffeine, with the exception of decaffeinated coffees and teas of course. (^-^)

Some teas such as Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free.

Taking away factors, such as the time taken for brewing, (the longer you brew your tea or coffee, the more caffeine it would have), when measured weight in weight ( by mass), tea leaves actually contain more caffeine than coffee beans.

However, the amount of coffee beans we need to use to make 1 serving of coffee, is a lot more than the amount of tea leaves needed to make 1 serving of tea.

Therefore, 1 serving of coffee almost always has more caffeine than 1 serving of tea.

A common misconception is that the colour of the tea can be used as an indicator for its caffeine content.

This is not true. Some teas like gyokuro, pale Japanese green tea, contains more caffeine than darker teas such as lapsang souchong, which has very little caffeine.

However, the rule is different when it comes to coffees, it is possible to compare the amount of caffeine present in coffees by judging the colour of the coffee beans.

The roasting process of coffee beans reduces the beans’ caffeine content. Hence, dark roasted coffee beans will have less caffeine than light roasted beans.

Instant coffees in general have less caffeine content compared to brewed coffees.


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  1. I see! I heard on the radio some people say apple contains more caffeine than coffee! Lol sif.


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