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Powerade Isotonic Sports Drink

Powerade is one of the most popular selling sports drinks in New Zealand, and a sponsor of the New Zealand rugby team All Blacks.

It contains electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium) and carbohydrates which help improve sports performances.

I thought I would use myself as a subject to do a casual experiment on comparing the effect between drinking water and Powerade during training.

Usually on a Saturday, I have my kickboxing training in the morning, and badminton practice in the afternoon, so I decided to drink water for my kick boxing training, and Powerade for badminton practice (^-^)

Taste: 4.5/5

I find all the Powerade flavours very pleasant. My favourite is Mountain Blast.

There are four different flavours which I have come across in New Zealand supermarkets.

Berry Ice – Red
Blackcurrant – Purple
Lemon Lime – Yellow
Mountain Blast – Blue

More flavours are available outside of New Zealand.


Cost: 4/5

For a 750ml bottle, the price is between NZ$2.5 – $4

Availability: 5/5

Powerade is available everywhere, from Gyms to small Dairies to major Supermarkets (^-^)

Overall Mark: 4.5/5

Comment: There was definitely a difference in how I felt during the trainings. Eventhough I played badminton in the afternoon, after already done kickboxing in the morning, I felt alot more energetic and less affected by dehydration during badminton. After the practice I didn’t feel at all thirsty or in need of fluid. It was quite a marked difference!


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