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My pet plant Burgers (Venus Flytrap)

Hello everyone!

This is my pet plant Burgers (^-^)

As you can all see Burgers is a Venus Flytrap, the scientific name for it is Dionaea muscipula. I have had Burgers for about two and a half years now.

I named it Burgers because the animal prey, when trapped by its leaves, are like meat patties between two buns!!

So far, Burgers had managed to catch some aphids, little crickets, spiders, earwigs, and flies.

Here are some photos of Burgers:

Burgers caught a daddy long legs spider, and the remains of the spider when the leaves opened up~~

A trapped earwig

The outline of a trapped fly

Burgers’ flowers~~ (^-^)

All the nutrients absorbed from the prey had enabled Burgers to produce its beautiful white flowers


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  1. I tried several times to grow Venus Fly Traps. Unfortunately, I never had any luck with them. Pitcher plants, another carnivorous plant species, grows along my wooded property. At the end of the summer, they produce small red berry type seed pods.

    • LOL!! I’ve had not much luck growing Pitcher plants for some reason, but then again I tried when I was very young. Really like carnivorous plants, they are very fascinating.


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