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Meiji Yan Yan (double cream) Hazelnut and Vanilla Dips

I was lucky enough to grow up with these yummy biscuit sticks.

Biscuit sticks, like these ones, are very popular in Asian regions.

I remember going to the Nantou flea market with my mum when I was very little, and going on a mini merry-go-round with my mother telling me not to eat anything handed to me by the operator. It was a common practice for kiddie rides in Taiwan to provide little biscuits or sweets to the children while they are on the ride. So naturally I took the biscuit stick when it was handed to me by the nice old man, who was handling food and cash at the same time without washing his hands, and ate it while I thought mum wasn’t looking. And of course mum saw me committing the crime, and I was in a lot of trouble afterwards, however the biscuit stick was worth it though~~ Hehe~~ (^-^) Chances are after having written that, almost definitely, mum will come across this post.

Taste: 4/5

The available flavours are Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Vanilla, and combo flavours such as Chocolate & Strawberry, Hazelnut & Vanilla, Chocolate & coloured candy sprinkles.

I really enjoy eating these biscuit sticks, they are very crunchy, and the dips are very creamy and rich (^-^)

Cost: 4/5

There are 11 biscuit sticks in a double flavoured pack.

Each pack is priced at between NZ$1.5 – $2.5

Availability: 5/5

You can find Meiji Yan Yan biscuit sticks in almost all Asian grocery stores, and even some non-Asian supermarkets.

Overall Mark: 4.3/5

Comment: A highly recommended snack for the young ones, and anyone with a sweet tooth like me!! (^-^)


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