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Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

Mameshiba (豆しば)

Mameshiba is a play of words in Japanese, which roughly translates to ‘bean dog”.

  • Mame = Bean
  • Shiba = Shiba Inu (a breed of dog originated from Japan.)

My sister Mary introduced me to Mameshiba, and even bought a little Edamame Shiba for me!! (^-^)

A special delivery for me!!

Opened the parcel to see a little Mameshiba peering at me~~

LOL! Each Mameshiba comes with a funny trivia

Thank you Mary!! (^-^)

Here is a Youtube link to the first Mameshiba episode:

And a link to Mary’s blog on Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori:


Double Down Burger

Reminiscing  about the infamous bunless burger~~

It almost got banned in New Zealand!! :O

I remember the queue was very very long, up to an hour’s wait, to buy Double Down burgers. The KFC staff were complaining about their drastically increased workload during the time when Double Down Burgers were selling, which was back in May last year.

Hmm… I wonder if  KFC will ever bring it back on market~~~~~

Mmm~ Mmm~ Mmmmm~~ Mmmmm~~ Mmmmmmm~~~~~~~