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Damn Agapanthus!!!!!

Was doing gardening today, chopping off the flowers from some Agapanthus “Lily of the Nile” plants in the backyard, to prevent them from popping their seeds about and spreading like herpes, but didn’t think too much of it until Pippa and Chip started licking the sap off my arms while I was playing with them.

Being the paranoid person I am, I decided to do some research into whether Agapanthus is poisonous to dogs or not, and it turns out all parts of the plant are poisonous to dogs!!

Agapanthus bulbs are especially poisonous and causes kidney failures (ie death) in cats and dogs.

In fact, they are also poisonous to humans, just the sap is known to cause rash and skin irritation on people.

DAMN YOU AGAPANTHUS!!!!! Lily of the Nile my @$$! You are not even an actual Lily! I don’t care how overgrown you are, I am going to eradicate your every single plant down to the roots.

I will not let the dogs run loose in the yard until all the poisonous plants, all which are left by the previous property owner, are completely destroyed.

We even have a Brugmansia tree in the backyard, which is highly toxic to both humans and our canine companions.

Brugmansia are also known as Angel’s Trumpets, which to me sounds like a stupid joke. Yeah~~ Whoever ingests the plant will die and hear the Angel’s trumpets alright~~~




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  1. Agapanthus seem to not be overly toxic, it is the root that is supposedly the most toxic part of the plant.

  2. My pups have suddenly developed interest in the plants and have been eating leaves. They have not been I’ll, but i am taking them up tomorrow. I also have the trumpet plane, which has been in the yard for years.?Ugh!!!!

    • Sounds like they should be alright. However, if you notice any difference in behaviour, such as eating habits, change in bowel movements, or change in stool, I would have them checked out by a Vet to be sure. The trumpet plant is definitely highly toxic, even to humans. I have removed the plant completely from my garden to be safe~~

  3. Ive been a landscape contractor for 33 years. I have only once heard of a dog dieing from eating plants. It happened to be an azalea and the dog was very destructive and ate everything! It would tear out 10-20% of what we planted the previous day. The owners should have invested in dog training!

  4. Wow. Dramatic much? Yes, agapanthus are inedible but many, even most, plants are to some degree. It’s hardly necessary to completely eradicate something for no more reason than that. Even more unnecessary to carry on like this about it. Unless you have a particularly destructive dog (as also mentioned by Matt Schaaf above) it’s highly unlikely your dog is going to consume enough plant to do him any damage. A new puppy mouths at everything so should always be monitored – just like human children – but is highly unlikely to give more than a moments notice to an agapanthus bitter tasting sap. Your own dog was likely more interested in the salty taste of your skin than the agapanthus sap.

  5. I can guarantee you have many other plants in your garden that are also toxic. these plants are only a problem if you ingest them. iv never heard of a dog eating a plant randomly in the garden. like most animals they know what you can’t eat. in terms of licking sap off you well that’s your responsibility. wear gloves and clothing when handing and keep dogs out while.your doing work. there is no need to remove these plants and if you did remove everything that could possible cause a problem gardens would be empyy

  6. Click to access 147458.pdf

    Lilies are poisonous, but not Lily of the Nile, since it is not a true lily.

  7. Agapanthus would have to be eaten by the bowlful to harm your dog… Generally speaking (with the exception of a bored and destructive pet) dogs have no interest in plant food. While they can digest a little plant food dogs are designed to eat meat. Dogs have descended from wolves and because they are carnivores dogs have narrow pointed teeth suitable for ripping flesh and eating meat.

  8. How do you kill the roots??


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