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Dragon Beard Candy (Chinese cotton candy)

Dragon Beard Candy is a sweet which dates back thousands of years to Ancient China.

The candy has to be handmade, which requires specialized skill, making its availability limited and very expensive.

Dragon beard candy is made of sugary threads densely wrapped around a sweet centre filling. It is very susceptible to moisture, just like cotton candy, and has a short shelf life.

Looks like a Silkworm cocoon doesn’t it~~

The most common filling is a combination of peanuts and sesame.

It is one of my favourite confectionery, so I do recommend trying some if you ever get the chance to!! (^-^)


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  1. The closest thing to this here is cotton candy that is available in the summer at carnivals, amusement parks and circuses.

  2. Yum!!! I want!!! Where and when did you eat that?!


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