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Aunty Grace’s birthday dinner~~

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Talk about timing!!

I had just written a post about Peking duck on Saturday, a story which happened around 5 years ago, and there I was having it on Sunday night at Aunty Grace’s birthday dinner!! :O

What are the odds!

Peking duck 1st course

Peking duck 2nd course

Fried prawn balls

This dish had to be pre-ordered

Crispy chicken skin, with prawn in the middle, and cashew at the bottom

Steamed orange roughy

Chinese mushroom casserole

(Big) Prawns on noodle

Stir fried flat rice noodle with beef, and four season beans

Last but not least, the yummy birthday cake! Eves pantry’s chocolate truffle cake.


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  1. My son love duck, especially duck in Chinese cuisine,


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