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I fixed my computer!! XD

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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for quite some time now.

The main reason is my computer was malfunctioning.

It was able to turn on, but wouldn’t boot.

Being the adventurous person I am *Joke*, I decided I would open up the computer myself, without any prior knowledge of what is inside of a computer, and try to diagnose and fix the problem DIY style.

Imagine my surprise when I actually fixed it!!!!! XD

After doing some research and self-teachings, and taking components apart, the issue was identified and rectified. YAY!! 😀 It turned out the RAM card was at fault.

Now I can get back to my food blogging!! (^-^)


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Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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  1. My son is a computer tekkie. He has his own business fixing PC problems, repairing and building PCs. He built the PC I currently have. He has also fixed some problems caused my me.

    By the way, my son loves to cook. He cooked our Thanksgiving dinner last November. Everyone admitted, and even my wife too, that it was the best Thanksgiving meal ever had by all. My wife is an excellent cook but my son is even better. My son also plays the guitar.


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