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Japanese Goodies Part 1!!!!! Chocolates~~ (^-^)

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These are some of the Japanese confectioneries I have tried, and nearly finished~~ (^-^)


Berry flavoured Angel Pies

Vanilla and Strawberry flavoured Angel Pies

LOL! See you!

Thank you!

I’ve heard very good things about these Angel pies, and how it inspired the Korean Choco Pies. I should have known better than to order them, now I have made myself an addict to these delicious pies!! ^^”


Premium Milk and Premium Bitter~~


Strawberry flavoured chocolate with tiny crunchy pieces which remind me of rice bubbles~~

You can see the little lumps which are the crunchy bits (^-^)


My Japanese colleague says this is the best chocolate she has ever tasted, and we live in New Zealand! So of course I had to include this in my order to find out just how good it really is~~

The almond in the centre has a layer of caramalised sugar coating over it~~

It definitely does not disappoint!! It really is one of the best tasting chocolate I’ve had, and I’ve had chocolates from places such as Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, and Switzerland!! :O

To be honest, I didn’t think Japan would be the country to produce great tasting chocolate, and when my colleague told me about this ‘best tasting chocolate from Japan’, I though the chance of it being true was as much as the chance of me spotting an Unicorn on the road, but Glico certainly proved me wrong!!


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  1. Wow! Looks good! Was it a big shipment?

  2. Oh man! Me bring some over for you!! (^-^)

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