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Food from the garden~~

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All from the garden!!

Fresh butternut~~

Avocado and a shiny ladybug

Apple cake made with apples from the backyard! (^-^)


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Hello Everyone! Please feel welcome to visit my food review blog, especially when you are passionate about food like I am. Thank you!! (^-^)

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  1. Was that Butternut squash? I have grown some in my garden…as for apples, I have a 5-in-1 apple tree which has grafts that produce 5 different varieties of apples. Unfortunately, the squirrels and the deer get them before they are ripe enough to eat. The same goes for my 3-in-1 pear tree. I am waiting for a plum tree to mature enough to bear fruits. I grew it some the plum that that came from China or Korea that I friend gave me a almost 3 years ago.

    • Wuuuu!! The plums will taste nice! Yeah~ that was the Butternut squash, in New Zealand we call it butternut pumpkin~~ I would enjoy having squirrels and deers as visitors! (^-^)


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