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Japanese Goodies Part 2 – Bourbon strawberry hard candy!

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In my humble opinion, I think Japan makes some of the most awesome hard candies!!!!! XD


Yummy strawberry candy~~

I am not quite sure what the Japanese writing “60 different types” on the top right corner means :O

Flavours listed from top to bottom: Soda strawberry, Milk strawberry, Syrup strawberry, Fresh strawberry. *****DIY Japanese translation. Please let me know if I got any of it wrong!*****

Comes in mini packs, each containing two candies~~ And as expected they taste absolutely AWESOME!!!!! XD


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  1. In 4-6 weeks we hope to pick strawberries from the plants growing in my yard. That is provided the squirrels, chipmunks and deer don’t get them first. In September we will pick plenty of blueberries from the bushes next to my vegetable garden. I have been getting limes since March from the trees growing in my basement. I got many different fruit trees growing on my property. Too bad you you are not here to eat them as you pick them.

  2. I want to eat the candy ^o^


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