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Family Dinner~~

I love a good family dinner!!

Especially after a fun day of shopping~~ 🙂

We went to a Chinese Seafood Restaurant called Golden Jade. They have a well recommended dish called 全家福 which rougly translates to “The complete happy family”.

Here are some photos of the dishes we had tonight:

Starter Soup with Pork chop and Epiphyllum Flower

The Epiphyllum flower gives the soup a thick and pleasantly mucousy taste. I know! I KNOW!! My description of the soup doesn’t sound very appetizing~~ It actually tastes quite similar to Okra (Ladyfinger) which is a key ingredient in gumbo~~~

Their Black Pepper Beef was very agreeable~~ It had the right amout of savoury taste and sweetness. The beef actually tasted like beef!! For some reason (in recent years) a lot of the beef in stir fried dishes from Chinese restaurants taste like they have been drowned in corn flour/starch before being cooked, resulting in the meat tasting very slippery and gummy in texture.

The sweet and sour chicken was very enjoyable as well. The chicken came in very big, and generous pieces.

Finally! 全家福 “The complete happy family” arrived!! What a suiting dish name for our wonderful family get together~~ 😀

The dish had Pāua (Abalone), Sea Cucumber, Prawns, Scallops, smoked Oysters, and Crispy Pork Belly (The black sheep of the “family”?? For not being a seafood).

Hope I haven’t missed anything out.. OH! And giant Chinese mushrooms~~

Pāua!! 😀

Sea Cucumber!! 😀


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  2. Yea, was so relieved it wasn’t jelly meat hehe. Thanks for recommending that seafood dish! It was v good :))


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