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Anchor Silver Top

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Anchor Silver Top is a non-homogenised full cream milk with a creamy layer on the top.

There have been studies done which suggest non-homogenised milk is a healthier choice compared to homogenised milk.

(There are many studies and literature, related to the topic, which are readily available on the world wide web if anyone is interested in finding out more.)


Ah~~ Takes one back to the good old days when milk wasn’t homogenised~~~

**Note: The photo was taken awhile ago, hence the printed expiry date is outdated.



If you look carefully, you can already see the layer of creamy goodness on the top 🙂



Make sure you shake the container well, if you don’t like the layer of  cream.


LOL!! Doesn’t look very appetizing.

However, personally I do prefer the taste of non-homogenised full cream milk~~ 😀

Taste: 4.5/5

The milk tastes somewhat sweeter to me than homogenised milk, and the creamy bits have texture like cream cheese~~ Mmmmm~~~~~

Cost: 4/5

The price is NZ$4.85 for a 2 Litre container.

Availability: 5/5

I get mine from Pak’nSave.

Overall Mark: 4.5/5

Comment: Worth giving it a try if you haven’t had it before!!


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  1. I have noticed that anchor silver top is stated (on the anchor website) as being “partially non-homogenised”. Do you have any idea what PARTIALLY non-homogenised means?

    • Hmmmm.. how strange. Back then (in 2013) on their website it was described simply as a non-homogenised milk, well at least that is what I remembered. “Partially non-homogenised” seems to equates to “partially homogenised” really. My guess would be that they might be adding in some homogenised milk to make up the final product?? A sure way would be to email them and ask.

  2. Meadowfresh Farmhouse is non-homogenised. We’ve just had to switch from our trusted farm supplier of fresh, raw milk (the new laws made it to prohibitive for them to continue) and have discovered the anomaly of Anchor’s “partially non-homogenised”. What this most likely means is the milk is just normal homogenised, and the cream added to it is obviously not. Naughty marketing, really.


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