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Louis Vuitton – Evening Function

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My mother and I attended Louis Vuitton’s event on Wednesday night~~

This time it was about accessories and styling, there was a stylist who taught us how to wear our LV scarves.

I believe there was a photo session at the end as well, but mum and I didn’t stay until then~~~

Here are some of the food photos I took:


I got to take a book home (^-^)


Couldn’t take a very good photo of this one, because I was in a hurry, the waiter was standing right there waiting for me to eat the lamb and take back the spoon eek


There was a grape inside the goat cheese~~


Dark chocolate with popping candies on the top, and a small cake base at the bottom~~

The dark chocolate was so creamy and delicious~~~


It was a great night!! biggrin


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