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Beard Papa’s! (New Flavour)

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Now, after hearing my work friends rave on about Beard Papa’s, I have decided to finally give it a try.

Apparently when it first arrived in the local shopping centre, many people were actually queueing up to buy its cream puffs.


Doing a quick scan over the menu, I decided on its Paris Brest Shell filled with the newest cream flavour – “Maple”.



Taste: 4/5

Now, this is the weird part. Every single person I have ever spoken to, about Beard Papa’s, has really REALLY enjoyed its cream puffs, but for some reason it just doesn’t do that much for me.

It is still good, but just not AMAZINGLY good as other people had found it.

Maybe it is because I had come to try Beard Papa’s with an already high expectation.

The puff shell, though not crunchy, was still nice and firm on the outside. I was expecting the cream filling to be richer and fluffier, but it had a texture more like custard.

There was A LOT of filling, and minimal amount of pastry, therefore the cream inside pretty much bursted out as soon as I tried to break the pastry apart.

The “maple” flavour which I assumed was maple syrup was subtle.


Cost: 2.5/5

An original (vanilla cream) flavoured Paris Brest Shell is priced at NZ$4.20, however, there is an extra added cost of 20 cents to any other flavours, including Maple.

Therefore, the price for my maple flavoured Paris Brest Shell was NZ$4.40.

Considering the size of the puff was quite small, at least for me it was,  just look at the photo and how empty the paper bag looks! And the fact that it had a minimal amount of pastry, and is consisted mostly of mildly maple-flavoured cream, I thought the price was quite expensive.


Availability: 3/5

Maybe the novelty has worn off, but there was no queue when I arrived today at the store.

As far as I know there is only one store operating in the city I reside in.


Overall Mark: 3.2/5

I did enjoy Beard Papa’s Paris brest shell puff, and its new maple flavour, but I found the price to be too steep for what the product is.

However, this review only serves as a guide, the best way to find out would be to try the puff/s out yourself!! 😀

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  1. Ah yea, definitely on the pricey side – but I really enjoyed it! A light dessert! 🙂


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