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Beard Papa’s! (New Flavour)

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Now, after hearing my work friends rave on about Beard Papa’s, I have decided to finally give it a try.

Apparently when it first arrived in the local shopping centre, many people were actually queueing up to buy its cream puffs.


Doing a quick scan over the menu, I decided on its Paris Brest Shell filled with the newest cream flavour – “Maple”.



Taste: 4/5

Now, this is the weird part. Every single person I have ever spoken to, about Beard Papa’s, has really REALLY enjoyed its cream puffs, but for some reason it just doesn’t do that much for me.

It is still good, but just not AMAZINGLY good as other people had found it.

Maybe it is because I had come to try Beard Papa’s with an already high expectation.

The puff shell, though not crunchy, was still nice and firm on the outside. I was expecting the cream filling to be richer and fluffier, but it had a texture more like custard.

There was A LOT of filling, and minimal amount of pastry, therefore the cream inside pretty much bursted out as soon as I tried to break the pastry apart.

The “maple” flavour which I assumed was maple syrup was subtle.


Cost: 2.5/5

An original (vanilla cream) flavoured Paris Brest Shell is priced at NZ$4.20, however, there is an extra added cost of 20 cents to any other flavours, including Maple.

Therefore, the price for my maple flavoured Paris Brest Shell was NZ$4.40.

Considering the size of the puff was quite small, at least for me it was,  just look at the photo and how empty the paper bag looks! And the fact that it had a minimal amount of pastry, and is consisted mostly of mildly maple-flavoured cream, I thought the price was quite expensive.


Availability: 3/5

Maybe the novelty has worn off, but there was no queue when I arrived today at the store.

As far as I know there is only one store operating in the city I reside in.


Overall Mark: 3.2/5

I did enjoy Beard Papa’s Paris brest shell puff, and its new maple flavour, but I found the price to be too steep for what the product is.

However, this review only serves as a guide, the best way to find out would be to try the puff/s out yourself!! 😀


Geoduck! :D

Geoduck pronounced “gooey duck” is a type of edible clam which can stretch out its “neck”  or siphon up to 1 metre long.

It is the largest burrowing clam in the world and dare I say has a certain “phallic” appearance to it~~

To be honest, I didn’t know Geoduck existed until yesterday afternoon when mum went to the sea market to get some clams for seafood pasta.

She also purchase some Diamond clams, and Surf clams.

20160423_130123 20160423_142634

At first I thought the Geoduck itself would make a big and hearty meal, but realised after watching mum preparing it that the majority of the clam was consisted of the inedible stomach, and therefore after processing we are only left with a small portion of the clam which is edible. 😮


On the left side of the tray is the edible part of Geoduck after cleaning.


The Diamond clam (left) has a sweet and crunchy taste to it whereas the Surf clam (right) is a lot bigger and has a crunchy, and a bit more chewy taste to it.

20160423_180604 20160423_180934

The Geoduck has two main edible parts to it, the belly meat (top), and the siphon (bottom).

The belly meat was sweet and tender, while the siphon was very crunchy and chewy~~

Overall, all the clams had a high level of “sweetness” and made wonderful ingredients for the seafood pasta last night! 😀


LV Moon Cakes

Mmmmm~~ Yummy Moon Cakes courtesy of Louis Vuitton~~~ 😀

Angry Birds Fruit Gummies!!

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My sister had kindly gifted me some yummy Angry Birds fruit gummies!!

She knows I am a big fan of Angry Birds! Teeheehee!! wink


Thank you very much Mary!!

Please feel welcome to check out my sister’s awesome Blog!!! (^-^)


The product comes in 3 other different coloured packages, with varied Angry Birds theme characters printed at the front~~

My favourite is the red version of course! lol


There are SIX flavours in a box and these are:  Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry, Apple, Grape, and Strawberry.


The price was $4.99 from Paper Plus


TADA!! lol


First glance into the bag~~


All six Angry Birds characters lined up~~~


ATTACK!! biggrin

Taste: 4.5/5

The Angry Birds gummies were packed with yummy fruity flavours, and had a wonderful “chewiness” to them.

Cost: 4/5

The cost was on the pricey side for a pack of gummies.

Availability: 4.5/5

I haven’t seen them selling at the Paper Plus I’ve been to, so they are probably only available in certain Paper Plus branches and confectionery stores.

Overall Mark: 4.3/5

Comment: Great taste and a must try for anyone who enjoys a good pack of gummies!! (^-^)

Whittaker’s L&P Chocolate!! XD

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YAY!! 😀

My friend got me a bar of  Whittaker’s new L&P chocolate!


I had it for morning tea today~~ (^-^)




It was very yummy, and my friend is very kind for getting it for me, however as far as Whittaker’s white chocolate goes I still prefer White Raspberry~~

Nevertheless, it was still a great treat!!

Breakfast @ Cornwall Park Restaurant

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Mum and I went for breakfast at Cornwall Park Restaurant this morning~~ 😀

Make sure you visit my Facebook page if you would like to see more photos of Cornwall Park in Auckland!

By the way, if you are interested in purchasing any of the (original and unmarked) photos on my blog or Facebook page, please feel welcome to contact me by email.


It was a nice cooling morning when we made our trip to the restaurant 🙂


Certainly can’t have breakfast without my Cappuccino!


Blueberry and coconut pancakes w streaky bacon, vanilla cream and maple syrup~~


Mmmmm~~ yummy blueberries~~~


After breakfast, Mum and I enjoyed a nice and sunny walk in the park 😀


Georgie Pie!! :D

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I got to try the long awaited Mince & Cheese Georgie Pie today!! 😀

They are available at selected McDonalds.

I have had quite a few requests from readers, friends, and family to review the pie~~

And so here it is!!


TADA!!!!! 😀

I got mine from McDonalds at Westfield St Luke’s food court.


The pie is priced at $4.50/pie


Mmmmm~~~ Cheesy goodness~~


Looks and tastes like the original Georgie Pie, except maybe the crust is a bit more flaky and greasy exclaim

It still has the same granular-tasting mince and alot of sauce for filling~~~

To be honest, if it was up to me, I would call it the Gravy Pie! 😛

It is probably a pie that I would only recommend to those who misses the original Georgie Pie franchise~~

I hope you found my review useful! 🙂