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Shopping spree

Thought I would give Aim’n a try, since they offer free delivery in NZ.

I usually wear Lululemon, and it would be interesting to compare the two.

Got 16 items altogether.

Each item comes in a zip lock plastic bag, probably isn’t the most environmental friendly. However, the courier bags they used were biodegradable, which is a good start.

 Here is a photo of the items I bought.

And below is a photo of me wearing one of the sports bras and tights.

Overall, I found the items offer good fit, good support, and are very comfortable to wear.

It certainly is a bonus that they also look cute, and stylish! 😊

The material used in Aim’n activewear is quite different compared to Lululemon’s.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t personally place one brand over the other.

Estee Lauder Haul (Pure Colour Eye shadows) Photos and Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a non food related product review, which provided the perfect excuse for me to splashed out BIG bucks on some Estee Lauder products!! 😀

Initally, I bought 2 sets of Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo compact and Pure Colour eyeliners, but was so impressed with the Pure Colour Eyeshadows, after trying them on, that I decided to buy another set of eyeshadows and liner.


The packaging is well presented, and the actual eyeshadows are enclosed by a nicely designed, sleek, and luxurious looking golden case with a clear base.

The case opens up to the duo coloured eyeshadows, including an applicator/brush and a mirror embedded into the lid.


These are the first 2 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo compacts I got

I like the smooth application and the lovely variety of colours to choose from~~


As mentioned previously, I was so taken with the 2 sets of shadows that I decided to purchase 1 more duo compact! 🙂

Overall: I highly recommend them.

  • The small case, mirror and applicator make the duo eyeshadow compacts easy to carry when travelling.
  • The texture is very smooth and soft.
  • The range of colours available are beautiful, and if I had a bigger budget, I would have gotten them all! 😀

I fixed my computer!! XD

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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for quite some time now.

The main reason is my computer was malfunctioning.

It was able to turn on, but wouldn’t boot.

Being the adventurous person I am *Joke*, I decided I would open up the computer myself, without any prior knowledge of what is inside of a computer, and try to diagnose and fix the problem DIY style.

Imagine my surprise when I actually fixed it!!!!! XD

After doing some research and self-teachings, and taking components apart, the issue was identified and rectified. YAY!! 😀 It turned out the RAM card was at fault.

Now I can get back to my food blogging!! (^-^)

Caterpillar rescue mission Part 2!!

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The Caterpillars are now living at their new home~~ (^-^)

Look at how small some of them are!! Like the sizes of a grain of rice!! :O

Their new home~~

LOL!! Sunbathing Caterpillars!

Relaxing in the shade on Swan plant fruits. 

Caterpillar Rescue!!

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There are currently too many Caterpillars on the Swan plant at Mary’s, tomorrow she and I will collect the smaller Caterpillars and transport them over to the Swan plant at my place.

Fingers crossed the rescue will go according to plan.

Hopefully the Caterpillars won’t be like this:

or like this:

Newborn Monarch Butterfly caterpillars~~ Can you find them?? (^-^)

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They are so SO tiny!!!!! 😀

How many of the little caterpillars can you see?? I can see 9 of them~~ :O

*****Click on the photo to enlarge it*****

If you would like to see where the 9 caterpillars I found are in this photo, you can do so by scrolling down to the bottom of this post to see their locations.

They are so small that you really have to look hard to find them!! (^-^)

Click on the photo to view it on full screen and see where the caterpillars are! 😀

Damn Agapanthus!!!!!

Was doing gardening today, chopping off the flowers from some Agapanthus “Lily of the Nile” plants in the backyard, to prevent them from popping their seeds about and spreading like herpes, but didn’t think too much of it until Pippa and Chip started licking the sap off my arms while I was playing with them.

Being the paranoid person I am, I decided to do some research into whether Agapanthus is poisonous to dogs or not, and it turns out all parts of the plant are poisonous to dogs!!

Agapanthus bulbs are especially poisonous and causes kidney failures (ie death) in cats and dogs.

In fact, they are also poisonous to humans, just the sap is known to cause rash and skin irritation on people.

DAMN YOU AGAPANTHUS!!!!! Lily of the Nile my @$$! You are not even an actual Lily! I don’t care how overgrown you are, I am going to eradicate your every single plant down to the roots.

I will not let the dogs run loose in the yard until all the poisonous plants, all which are left by the previous property owner, are completely destroyed.

We even have a Brugmansia tree in the backyard, which is highly toxic to both humans and our canine companions.

Brugmansia are also known as Angel’s Trumpets, which to me sounds like a stupid joke. Yeah~~ Whoever ingests the plant will die and hear the Angel’s trumpets alright~~~




Mameshiba (豆しば)

Mameshiba is a play of words in Japanese, which roughly translates to ‘bean dog”.

  • Mame = Bean
  • Shiba = Shiba Inu (a breed of dog originated from Japan.)

My sister Mary introduced me to Mameshiba, and even bought a little Edamame Shiba for me!! (^-^)

A special delivery for me!!

Opened the parcel to see a little Mameshiba peering at me~~

LOL! Each Mameshiba comes with a funny trivia

Thank you Mary!! (^-^)

Here is a Youtube link to the first Mameshiba episode:

And a link to Mary’s blog on Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori:

Calendar diary

How cute is this!!

I don’t think I have ever owned anything so cute!! (Apart from my canine babies of course!)

Even has the cute characters’ birthdays noted! (^-^)

Small stickers available at the back~~

The calendar diary is a present from my sister, Mary, she is a collector of Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and now Kiiroitori (^-^)

Simply click on the link below to check out her extensive collection!

Thank you for reading!!