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Today was a good day!! :)

First of all the weather was beautiful and I got to wear my new red lace dress from Portmans!! 🙂

Secondly I got to enjoy dinner with my family at our weekly get together!

I had a Korean BBQ Pork rice set.

Hehe~~ I finished off dinner with this cute little bag of Haribo Goldbears which my sister gave me 🙂

Oops! My hands were oily~~

Red Velvet Chocolate Cup Cake!

Today’s morning tea was colour-coordinated 😀

Red velvet chocolate cup cake~~

Mmmmm~~ So yummy!! Tastes more like a moist brownie than a cup cake~~~ 😀

I miss Taiwanese pudding so much too!! :O

Moggymawee Plushies

My Pudding Rilakkuma set is here! I managed to win these cuties at a decent price from Japanese auctions. The yellow pudding poncho is so cute and soft, looks much more vibrant than in the pictures. Also totally love the little white pom poms. Best of all, these cuties remind me so much of my dearly beloved and missed Taiwanese pudding!

I grew up eating Taiwanese puddings (you can’t get them here in New Zealand, here you can only get those too-sweet cakey type) and I miss them so much! In fact, one of my most memorable comments to my grandma before getting into the taxi to the Taipei airport (this was at least 18 years ago – I was about 7) was how much I wanted to eat pudding; this left my grandma sad and wondering whether they had the same puddings in New Zealand 😦

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Food photo diary~~

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April is the month of Chocolate!! XD

Some Lindt Chocolates, because they are so yummy~~

Chilli flavoured dark chocolate: I’ve been wanting to try this flavour 🙂

Some doggie treats and ‘chocolate’ for Chip. This special ‘chocolate’ for dogs is made of Carob and not actual chocolate. (Actual chocolate is toxic to dogs, and should never be given to them.)

I tried one of the doggie chocolate drops, while Chip stared at me with a ‘why you eat my chocolate’ expression, and it tasted quite nice!! No wonder Pippa and Chip like them so much!!

Hehe~~ I had so many Easter eggs this long weekend already, and here are some more waiting for me!! Woohoo!!!!! XD

One fine day~~



Pretty flowers~~

Happy Pippa got some bits of the yummy Carrot Cake~~

Chip’s first time on a leash~~

The Ants on the ground were more interesting than the walk itself!! (^-^)

ZiwiPeak ‘Good-Dog’ Treats – Venison Recipe

Whenever possible, I prefer to buy New Zealand made products.

ZiwiPeak is a New Zealand company dedicated to manufacture pet products. All the ingredients used in the products are from New Zealand, and are free of added hormones and growth promotants.

Their products contain NO added salt, sugar, colours, artificial preservatives, fillers, or grains.

This product, ZiwiPeak ‘Good-Dog’ Vension treats, is from their Premium Meat Jerky Treats range. It is made from air-dried New Zealand Vension, and Parsley. Parsley contains many essential oils, minerals, and vitamins, which are greatly beneficial in Canine health. In fact, it contains more Vitamin C than most Citrus fruits, and what’s more, it also acts as a doggie breath freshener!! (^-^)

Taste: 5/5

Definitely a full mark for its taste! I don’t think I have ever seen them both so excited!! (^-^)

Judge #1 Pippa:

Pippa straight away did her ultimate move, the ‘lie down’, which always guarantee her a treat.

This is definitely one treat she loves! 🙂

Pippa staring intensely at the Jerky.                                                                                                                                                       

‘How long do you plan to keep me lying here on the floor??’

Judge #2 Chip:

Lying down with his little tail wagging at turbo speed, Chip too knows the ultimate doggie move (^-^)


                                        ‘Huh? Did you not like my move?’                                                                          

Chip tries again, with ears back this time!

Cost: 4.5/5

Each zip lock bag contains 454g of air-dried Venison Jerky.

The bag I bought at PetStop New Market cost NZ$19.81

I would estimate the price to be around NZ$18.50 – $21.50 per bag in other pet stores.

Availability: 5/5

ZiwiPeak meat jerky treats can be bought from most pet stores.

The treats come in other flavours too, such as Beef, Lamb, Lamb Liver, Vension and Mussell, and Venison and Fish.

Overall Mark: 4.8/5

Comment: Definitely highly recommended for anyone who would like to treat their four legged friend to something nice and healthy! 🙂

BeefyBone – V.I.P. Petfoods

While shopping at Countdown yesterday, my sister Mary and I came across this interesting looking product for Doggies (^-^)

Actually, we were laughing at the picture of the Bulldog featured on the box cover having a funny, but cute expression.

I decided to give this a try, and hoped my canine babies will like the bone-shaped biscuits.

The product is made in Australia, and it states on the box the biscuits contain real meat.

Taste: 5/5

It appeared both Pippa and Chip like the biscuits.

A picture paints a thousand words, therefore please view the photos below for Pippa and Chip’s first reaction to the biscuits.

Judge #1 Pippa:

Pippa sitting anxiously with her ears back, and tail wagging, an obvious sign of when she is excited!! 🙂

Judge #2 Chip:

Chip licking his mouth in anticipation, with his tail wagging wildly, he couldn’t keep his eyes off the biscuit!! 😀

Cost: 4/5

Each box contains 1kg of biscuits.  It is priced at NZ$6.29 per box at Countdown.

I would estimate the price to be roughly between NZ$5.50 – $7.50 depending on the store it is purchased from.

Availability: 5/5

The bone-shaped biscuits can be bought from all major Supermarkets. (^-^)

Overall Mark: 4.7/5

Comment: From Pippa and Chip’s reaction, I believe that other Doggies would very likely enjoy these treats too! (^-^)

Pippa&Chip’s Corner

The review on Doggie food and treats, will be done by Pippa and Chip.

Please meet our Doggie food critic #1 Pippa:

And our Doggie food critic #2 Chip:

Both are extremely picky eaters, so only the best will suffice. 🙂