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Breakfast @ Cornwall Park Restaurant

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Mum and I went for breakfast at Cornwall Park Restaurant this morning~~ 😀

Make sure you visit my Facebook page if you would like to see more photos of Cornwall Park in Auckland!

By the way, if you are interested in purchasing any of the (original and unmarked) photos on my blog or Facebook page, please feel welcome to contact me by email.


It was a nice cooling morning when we made our trip to the restaurant 🙂


Certainly can’t have breakfast without my Cappuccino!


Blueberry and coconut pancakes w streaky bacon, vanilla cream and maple syrup~~


Mmmmm~~ yummy blueberries~~~


After breakfast, Mum and I enjoyed a nice and sunny walk in the park 😀


Georgie Pie!! :D

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I got to try the long awaited Mince & Cheese Georgie Pie today!! 😀

They are available at selected McDonalds.

I have had quite a few requests from readers, friends, and family to review the pie~~

And so here it is!!


TADA!!!!! 😀

I got mine from McDonalds at Westfield St Luke’s food court.


The pie is priced at $4.50/pie


Mmmmm~~~ Cheesy goodness~~


Looks and tastes like the original Georgie Pie, except maybe the crust is a bit more flaky and greasy exclaim

It still has the same granular-tasting mince and alot of sauce for filling~~~

To be honest, if it was up to me, I would call it the Gravy Pie! 😛

It is probably a pie that I would only recommend to those who misses the original Georgie Pie franchise~~

I hope you found my review useful! 🙂

Sydney Conference

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Hello Everyone!!

I had just come back from a conference at Coogee Beach in Sydney!

It was absolutely wonderful! I had such a great time and gathered so much new knowledge!!

Everyone was so friendly and lovely! 😀

Below are some of the photos taken from the trip.

I had taken a lot of them while in Australia, and it is very hard to select which ones to put on the blog.

Due to the large number of photos I have, I had decided to start a Facebook page to include the ones not on here .

I hope you enjoy look at them! 🙂

Conference1 Conference2

Duty Free Confectionery Shop at Auckland airport!! ♥

Conference4 Conference7

The chocolates are made/shaped in front of customers~~

Conference8 Conference9

Enjoyed a nice cup of Cappuccino before taking off 🙂




My hotel room at Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach


The window view~~


The hotel lobby



I was early! eek



The Pizzas were delicious!! smile


Room Service!! biggrin



Buffet breakfast at Bluesalt restaurant



It was wonderful being able to watch the Sunrise~~ cool


Decided to have dinner that night at Bluesalt restaurant as well


Roasted quail, it was so tender and juicy!


350g of  grilled angus reserve rib eye cutlet with red wine jus!! 😀


Rosewater panna cotta, Persian fairy floss, and baklava~~


So Yummy!! It had caramel coated nuts at the bottom~~



A cup of warm tea for me is the perfect way to end a lovely dinner~~


Day 2 Breakfast

Their croissant is very addictive!! One thing for sure, I won’t be saying how many I had~~ razz



Networking dinner at Ceviche restaurant



Seared scallops, avocado & snow pea salsa, wasabi dressing


Prime fillet of beef, truffle infused mashed potatoes, vegetables, creamy green peppercorn & bacon sauce


For dessert I had Vanilla crème brûlée with pistachio biscotti


The homemade sorbet, brandy snap, seasonal fruits, and mango coulis others had looked pretty good too!


Tea after dinner is a must for me!


Shop filled with Duty Free Chocolates at Sydney airport!! ♥




Sydney tower in the distance~~


Bye bye Australia!!

Dinner with Mum and Dad~~

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Guess where we went for dinner!


I am sure anyone who knows me well will know we were at One Tree Grill~~

Here is a restaurant review I did earlier!

All the menus are now on iPads.

Now time for some photos!! biggrin


Complimentary Cured Salmon from the Chef


For Entrée Mum and I ordered Portabello and Celeriac soup~~ It was SO good and had shaved Black Truffle pieces in it~~~


A piece of Black Truffle


Dad had fresh Bluff Oysters


For Main I had Black Angus eye fillet


Mum had Snapper and scallops


Dad had Grilled market fish which was Hāpuku


Dessert was of course Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée for Mum and I!! 😛


Dad had the house made ice cream and sorbet


We also shared some Manchego (sheep milk) cheese which came from Malagon, Spain

Yum yum!! 🙂

Red Elephant Thai Restaurant

We had our Christmas celebration dinner at Red Elephant Thai Restaurant on 195 Khyber Pass Road in Newmarket (Auckland).

Red Elephant

Red Elephant1

The presentation in the restaurant was very good. Everything looked clean and tidy.

Red Elephant menu

We ordered Banquet Menu 2.


First up we enjoyed some assorted appetizers.

Each one of them was wonderfully fried and very crispy~~

Tom Yam Goong

The Tom Yam Goong Soup came next.

Spicy Prawn Soup seasonsed with Lime Juice garnished with Hot Chilli, Lemon Grass & Mushroom.

The mushroom and prawn pieces were very sizable!

Main course

The main course consisted of five different main dishes.

Kaeng Panaeng – Red Curry of sautéed Beef with Sweet Basil & Coconut Milk, Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai – Sizzling Platter of Baked Whole Chicken marinated in Thai Herbs served with Sweet Chilli Sauce flambéed with Brandy, Pla Krapong Rad Prik – Whole Crispy Snapper with Hot Chilli Sauce, Goong Tod Kratiem Prik Thai – Sautéed Prawns & Calamari with Garlic & Peppers, Pad Pak Look Chin PlaPan Fried Mixed Vegetables with Fishballs.

Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai

This flamming baby chicken a.k.a. Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai deserves an honourable mention.

It came out engulfed in flames, the view was quite spectacular, however the flames had dampened down by the time it reached the table.

If you look carefully you can still see the bit of orange flame on the top of the chicken~~ 🙂


My favourite part of a meal is the dessert which was

Hot Banana Fritter served with Coconut Milk Ice Cream.



For Coffee I ordered a Latte, which was very good as well. 😀


Taste: 4.5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Mark: 4.7/5

The service was excellent and the restaurant has high hygiene standards, which could be noted by seeing serving staff using a towel, which acts as protection against hand contamination, when handing out clean new plates.

I had a great experience at the restaurant with my family.

Highly recommended!

Dinner @ One Tree Grill

I took my family to One Tree Grill Restaurant for a nice dinner tonight~~ (^-^)

One Tree Grill

Drink Menu (I Pad)

The drink menu is now on an iPad


One Tree Grill Bar


For starter we had Entrée tasting trio


The Entrée consists of Salmon, Venison, and Scallops

Thai Style Snapper

We were given some complimentary Thai style snapper from the Chef

Pork Belly Crackling (Free range)

Roasted pork belly roulade (free range)

baby vegetables, crackling, mulled wine pear purée

Market Fish (Snapper)

Grilled market fish (Snapper)

citrus kelp crust, herb gnocchi, saffron tomato, edamame


I had wild venison

Wild Vension

Wild Vension1

Wild venison

stonefruit compote, kumara, gingerbread, licorice jus

Dessert Menu

Dessert menu!! 😀

Crème brûlée

For dessert I had Vanilla bean crème brûlée

hibiscus glaze, pineapple & mango sorbet

Family Dinner~~

I love a good family dinner!!

Especially after a fun day of shopping~~ 🙂

We went to a Chinese Seafood Restaurant called Golden Jade. They have a well recommended dish called 全家福 which rougly translates to “The complete happy family”.

Here are some photos of the dishes we had tonight:

Starter Soup with Pork chop and Epiphyllum Flower

The Epiphyllum flower gives the soup a thick and pleasantly mucousy taste. I know! I KNOW!! My description of the soup doesn’t sound very appetizing~~ It actually tastes quite similar to Okra (Ladyfinger) which is a key ingredient in gumbo~~~

Their Black Pepper Beef was very agreeable~~ It had the right amout of savoury taste and sweetness. The beef actually tasted like beef!! For some reason (in recent years) a lot of the beef in stir fried dishes from Chinese restaurants taste like they have been drowned in corn flour/starch before being cooked, resulting in the meat tasting very slippery and gummy in texture.

The sweet and sour chicken was very enjoyable as well. The chicken came in very big, and generous pieces.

Finally! 全家福 “The complete happy family” arrived!! What a suiting dish name for our wonderful family get together~~ 😀

The dish had Pāua (Abalone), Sea Cucumber, Prawns, Scallops, smoked Oysters, and Crispy Pork Belly (The black sheep of the “family”?? For not being a seafood).

Hope I haven’t missed anything out.. OH! And giant Chinese mushrooms~~

Pāua!! 😀

Sea Cucumber!! 😀

Dinner date with my lovely boyfriend ♥

Today was a great day!!!

I love having dinner with my darling boyfriend D~~ 🙂

We went to a Taiwanese Restaurant which served Bubble Tea, also known as Pearl Milk Tea.

We both enjoyed the Bubble Tea ( which was served in Beer Mugs)

D’s Barbecued Pork on rice dinner set~~


I was already halfway through my Bubble Tea when my dinner set arrived!! eek

My Braised Pork Chop on rice dinner set~~ 🙂

It’s Lunch Time!! XD

Yummy yummy!! Today I am trying Jesters Gourmet Delight Pie!!

It has Angus Beef with Blue Vein Cheese Sauce~~ Mmmmm~~~~~

Each Jesters pie has a symbol on top to identify its flavour.

This one has a ♥ (Heart Symbol)~~


Just a quick update!

Good news everyone!! Bo Peep is back by popular demand!!!

AWESOME!!!!! 😀