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LV Moon Cakes

Mmmmm~~ Yummy Moon Cakes courtesy of Louis Vuitton~~~ 😀


Whittaker’s L&P Chocolate!! XD

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YAY!! 😀

My friend got me a bar of  Whittaker’s new L&P chocolate!


I had it for morning tea today~~ (^-^)




It was very yummy, and my friend is very kind for getting it for me, however as far as Whittaker’s white chocolate goes I still prefer White Raspberry~~

Nevertheless, it was still a great treat!!

Breakfast @ Cornwall Park Restaurant

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Mum and I went for breakfast at Cornwall Park Restaurant this morning~~ 😀

Make sure you visit my Facebook page if you would like to see more photos of Cornwall Park in Auckland!

By the way, if you are interested in purchasing any of the (original and unmarked) photos on my blog or Facebook page, please feel welcome to contact me by email.


It was a nice cooling morning when we made our trip to the restaurant 🙂


Certainly can’t have breakfast without my Cappuccino!


Blueberry and coconut pancakes w streaky bacon, vanilla cream and maple syrup~~


Mmmmm~~ yummy blueberries~~~


After breakfast, Mum and I enjoyed a nice and sunny walk in the park 😀


Louis Vuitton – Evening Function

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My mother and I attended Louis Vuitton’s event on Wednesday night~~

This time it was about accessories and styling, there was a stylist who taught us how to wear our LV scarves.

I believe there was a photo session at the end as well, but mum and I didn’t stay until then~~~

Here are some of the food photos I took:


I got to take a book home (^-^)


Couldn’t take a very good photo of this one, because I was in a hurry, the waiter was standing right there waiting for me to eat the lamb and take back the spoon eek


There was a grape inside the goat cheese~~


Dark chocolate with popping candies on the top, and a small cake base at the bottom~~

The dark chocolate was so creamy and delicious~~~


It was a great night!! biggrin

*RANT* I don’t quite understand..

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Non-edible products which are scented to smell like food (especially desserts).

The fact is I can’t eat them! mad

Commercial products like Yoghurt Face Cream.. It smells like Yoghurt, looks like Yoghurt, is apparently made of Yoghurt, but it cannot be eaten…

Or Fruity Body Butter, which smells so delicious, but it can’t be eaten…..

Then there was the time when I was still living in Taiwan and I came across some colouring pens which smelt like chocolate.. CHOCOLATES!!


WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! question

I remember some of my classmates were using their red or pink colouring pens to draw on their nails or (worse) on their lips.

Even back then, I was quite certain these pens and their ink weren’t designed to be edible.

Therefore, wasn’t it in a way dangerous to have these chocolate-smelling non-edible pens for children?

Is it a marketing technique???????

I notice a big chunk of the female population (myself included) really enjoy desserts, and sweet things in general. (Not to say the male population doesn’t.)

Also, it seems like most food-smelling non edible products are aimed at female consumers. Since, the Face Cream and Body Butter all have photographed female faces or body parts plastered over their containers.

And as for the colouring pens..

Good thing that times have really changed, and everyone is on more equal terms now, but the fact is in Taiwan, back when I was little, the mothers would have been more likely the parent to buy stationeries for their children; hence I believe it may be plausible to suggest the pens were designed to attract both the children’s and mothers’ attention.

So maybe the marketing teams of these businesses think they can sell more products by adding in the dessert-smelling element?? Actually, that’s a very silly question, of course they think they can sell more products by adding in the food smell!! That’s why it’s there!!!

But what made them assume that??

I can only theorize.. without knowing the real answer.

ANYWAY, enough ranting.

It would be very interesting, at least for me, to understand the reason behind the design of these commercial products.

Dinner with Mum and Dad~~

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Guess where we went for dinner!


I am sure anyone who knows me well will know we were at One Tree Grill~~

Here is a restaurant review I did earlier!

All the menus are now on iPads.

Now time for some photos!! biggrin


Complimentary Cured Salmon from the Chef


For Entrée Mum and I ordered Portabello and Celeriac soup~~ It was SO good and had shaved Black Truffle pieces in it~~~


A piece of Black Truffle


Dad had fresh Bluff Oysters


For Main I had Black Angus eye fillet


Mum had Snapper and scallops


Dad had Grilled market fish which was Hāpuku


Dessert was of course Vanilla Bean CrĂšme BrĂ»lĂ©e for Mum and I!! 😛


Dad had the house made ice cream and sorbet


We also shared some Manchego (sheep milk) cheese which came from Malagon, Spain

Yum yum!! 🙂

Chestnut Harvest!! :D

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First time harvest from the Chestnut tree in the backyard!! (^-^)