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Milka Chocolates (and BBQ Sauerkraut)

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I ❤️ Milka Chocolates!!

Definitely one of my favourites!

Therefore, I bought a whole lot of them, plus a bag of BBQ Sauerkraut since I am paying for shipping already.IMG_20200312_083424_047

It was my first time trying some of the flavours.

All of them were lovely, including the BBQ Sauerkraut, which I used in burgers.

I found the Milka Choco Jelly range so nice that I bought a whole lot more of them.20-03-18-11-22-14-331_deco

Safe to say that I probably wouldn’t be running out of chocolates for awhile~~


Friday Lunch Tradition~~

Some times, when working, I like to go out and have lunch by myself.

Especially on a Friday~~

Lunch at Narita

Finished~~~~~ (^-^)

Narita Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar – Lunch Course

Narita is a Japanese Restaurant I frequent for lunch and dinner (^-^)

It is located at 31 Link Drive, Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland.  Phone number: 09-444 0084

Most Japanese Restaurants in Auckland are comprised of non-Japanese staff members. Narita is one of the few Japanese restaurants which is owned and operated by actual Japanese staff. Therefore, the dishes have an authentic Japanese taste to them.

Okay! Let’s start the lunch course!! 🙂


The course serves two people, it is composed of Salad, Beef Tataki, Harumaki, Sashimi, Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Hand roll Sushi, Udon, and dessert!! (Miso soup and Green tea also included.)

Now, I should let the photos speak for themselves.


Beef Tataki (to share)

Harumaki (to share)



Chicken Teriyaki (to share)

Hand roll Sushi (to share)


Red bean ice cream with Maple syrup and chocolate sprinkles

Price: 4.5/5

The lunch course cost $52.90 for two people. I thought the price was quite good, considering the amount of food served.

Service: 5/5

The service was excellent. The staff members were especially polite (being Japanese), and we were given warm towels to wipe our hands with before the meal started! 🙂

Overall Mark: 4.7/5

Comment: Definitely highly recommended, especially if you are looking for value for money! It is a BYO restaurant, which is a big plus for some people!! (^-^)