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Breakfast @ Cornwall Park Restaurant

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Mum and I went for breakfast at Cornwall Park Restaurant this morning~~ 😀

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It was a nice cooling morning when we made our trip to the restaurant 🙂


Certainly can’t have breakfast without my Cappuccino!


Blueberry and coconut pancakes w streaky bacon, vanilla cream and maple syrup~~


Mmmmm~~ yummy blueberries~~~


After breakfast, Mum and I enjoyed a nice and sunny walk in the park 😀


*RANT* I don’t quite understand..

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Non-edible products which are scented to smell like food (especially desserts).

The fact is I can’t eat them! mad

Commercial products like Yoghurt Face Cream.. It smells like Yoghurt, looks like Yoghurt, is apparently made of Yoghurt, but it cannot be eaten…

Or Fruity Body Butter, which smells so delicious, but it can’t be eaten…..

Then there was the time when I was still living in Taiwan and I came across some colouring pens which smelt like chocolate.. CHOCOLATES!!


WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! question

I remember some of my classmates were using their red or pink colouring pens to draw on their nails or (worse) on their lips.

Even back then, I was quite certain these pens and their ink weren’t designed to be edible.

Therefore, wasn’t it in a way dangerous to have these chocolate-smelling non-edible pens for children?

Is it a marketing technique???????

I notice a big chunk of the female population (myself included) really enjoy desserts, and sweet things in general. (Not to say the male population doesn’t.)

Also, it seems like most food-smelling non edible products are aimed at female consumers. Since, the Face Cream and Body Butter all have photographed female faces or body parts plastered over their containers.

And as for the colouring pens..

Good thing that times have really changed, and everyone is on more equal terms now, but the fact is in Taiwan, back when I was little, the mothers would have been more likely the parent to buy stationeries for their children; hence I believe it may be plausible to suggest the pens were designed to attract both the children’s and mothers’ attention.

So maybe the marketing teams of these businesses think they can sell more products by adding in the dessert-smelling element?? Actually, that’s a very silly question, of course they think they can sell more products by adding in the food smell!! That’s why it’s there!!!

But what made them assume that??

I can only theorize.. without knowing the real answer.

ANYWAY, enough ranting.

It would be very interesting, at least for me, to understand the reason behind the design of these commercial products.

Anchor Silver Top

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Anchor Silver Top is a non-homogenised full cream milk with a creamy layer on the top.

There have been studies done which suggest non-homogenised milk is a healthier choice compared to homogenised milk.

(There are many studies and literature, related to the topic, which are readily available on the world wide web if anyone is interested in finding out more.)


Ah~~ Takes one back to the good old days when milk wasn’t homogenised~~~

**Note: The photo was taken awhile ago, hence the printed expiry date is outdated.



If you look carefully, you can already see the layer of creamy goodness on the top 🙂



Make sure you shake the container well, if you don’t like the layer of  cream.


LOL!! Doesn’t look very appetizing.

However, personally I do prefer the taste of non-homogenised full cream milk~~ 😀

Taste: 4.5/5

The milk tastes somewhat sweeter to me than homogenised milk, and the creamy bits have texture like cream cheese~~ Mmmmm~~~~~

Cost: 4/5

The price is NZ$4.85 for a 2 Litre container.

Availability: 5/5

I get mine from Pak’nSave.

Overall Mark: 4.5/5

Comment: Worth giving it a try if you haven’t had it before!!

Red Elephant Thai Restaurant

We had our Christmas celebration dinner at Red Elephant Thai Restaurant on 195 Khyber Pass Road in Newmarket (Auckland).

Red Elephant

Red Elephant1

The presentation in the restaurant was very good. Everything looked clean and tidy.

Red Elephant menu

We ordered Banquet Menu 2.


First up we enjoyed some assorted appetizers.

Each one of them was wonderfully fried and very crispy~~

Tom Yam Goong

The Tom Yam Goong Soup came next.

Spicy Prawn Soup seasonsed with Lime Juice garnished with Hot Chilli, Lemon Grass & Mushroom.

The mushroom and prawn pieces were very sizable!

Main course

The main course consisted of five different main dishes.

Kaeng Panaeng – Red Curry of sautéed Beef with Sweet Basil & Coconut Milk, Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai – Sizzling Platter of Baked Whole Chicken marinated in Thai Herbs served with Sweet Chilli Sauce flambéed with Brandy, Pla Krapong Rad Prik – Whole Crispy Snapper with Hot Chilli Sauce, Goong Tod Kratiem Prik Thai – Sautéed Prawns & Calamari with Garlic & Peppers, Pad Pak Look Chin PlaPan Fried Mixed Vegetables with Fishballs.

Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai

This flamming baby chicken a.k.a. Gai Ob Pu Kao Fai deserves an honourable mention.

It came out engulfed in flames, the view was quite spectacular, however the flames had dampened down by the time it reached the table.

If you look carefully you can still see the bit of orange flame on the top of the chicken~~ 🙂


My favourite part of a meal is the dessert which was

Hot Banana Fritter served with Coconut Milk Ice Cream.



For Coffee I ordered a Latte, which was very good as well. 😀


Taste: 4.5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall Mark: 4.7/5

The service was excellent and the restaurant has high hygiene standards, which could be noted by seeing serving staff using a towel, which acts as protection against hand contamination, when handing out clean new plates.

I had a great experience at the restaurant with my family.

Highly recommended!

Pork and Fennel Mince Balls!

Time for some improvised cooking!! (^-^)

These Fennel flavoured mince balls turned out GREAT!! 😀

Yummy Goodies!! XD

Chocolates! Chocolates! And more Chocolates!!!!! 😀

As planned I went and bought some really yummy goodies!!

These will keep me occupied for the weekend!! 😉

This weekend is going to be all about relaxing (bumming) for me~~ Can’t wait~~~ 🙂

Tempura and Cheesy Meatballs!

Thank you Mama!!

For the lovely dinner you prepared!!!

My favourite Vegetable Tempura and Cheesy Meatballs!! 😀

Extra cheese at my request!

I love it when the meatballs swim in cheese!! 🙂


Happy Halloween!!

Trick or Treat!!

My awesome work buddy gave me some Halloween goodies~~

Thank you C!! 😀

LOL!! The eyeball candy even has blood vessels on it!

It’s Lunch Time!! XD

Yummy yummy!! Today I am trying Jesters Gourmet Delight Pie!!

It has Angus Beef with Blue Vein Cheese Sauce~~ Mmmmm~~~~~

Each Jesters pie has a symbol on top to identify its flavour.

This one has a ♥ (Heart Symbol)~~