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Just a quick update!

Good news everyone!! Bo Peep is back by popular demand!!!

AWESOME!!!!! 😀


Food photo diary~~

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April is the month of Chocolate!! XD

Some Lindt Chocolates, because they are so yummy~~

Chilli flavoured dark chocolate: I’ve been wanting to try this flavour 🙂

Some doggie treats and ‘chocolate’ for Chip. This special ‘chocolate’ for dogs is made of Carob and not actual chocolate. (Actual chocolate is toxic to dogs, and should never be given to them.)

I tried one of the doggie chocolate drops, while Chip stared at me with a ‘why you eat my chocolate’ expression, and it tasted quite nice!! No wonder Pippa and Chip like them so much!!

Hehe~~ I had so many Easter eggs this long weekend already, and here are some more waiting for me!! Woohoo!!!!! XD

I fixed my computer!! XD

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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for quite some time now.

The main reason is my computer was malfunctioning.

It was able to turn on, but wouldn’t boot.

Being the adventurous person I am *Joke*, I decided I would open up the computer myself, without any prior knowledge of what is inside of a computer, and try to diagnose and fix the problem DIY style.

Imagine my surprise when I actually fixed it!!!!! XD

After doing some research and self-teachings, and taking components apart, the issue was identified and rectified. YAY!! 😀 It turned out the RAM card was at fault.

Now I can get back to my food blogging!! (^-^)

Aunty Grace’s birthday dinner~~

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Talk about timing!!

I had just written a post about Peking duck on Saturday, a story which happened around 5 years ago, and there I was having it on Sunday night at Aunty Grace’s birthday dinner!! :O

What are the odds!

Peking duck 1st course

Peking duck 2nd course

Fried prawn balls

This dish had to be pre-ordered

Crispy chicken skin, with prawn in the middle, and cashew at the bottom

Steamed orange roughy

Chinese mushroom casserole

(Big) Prawns on noodle

Stir fried flat rice noodle with beef, and four season beans

Last but not least, the yummy birthday cake! Eves pantry’s chocolate truffle cake.

The Coffin

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The Coffin or Coffin toast is a traditional Taiwanese dish made out of a thick slice of deep fried and hollowed out bread, filled with a rich and creamy chicken and vegetable chowder.

And that is exactly what I had for dinner just now!! (^-^)

I had the Coffin for dinner 😀

What’s inside the Coffin~~

I can imagine it tastes a lot like what a deep fried Chicken Pie would taste like! (^-^)

Just a funny story

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I highly highly recommend a Peking duck course meal to anyone who haven’t enjoyed one before!!

It is absolutely delicious and, as you may be able to tell already, one of my favourite dishes.

Here is a photo of what a Peking duck meal would look like:

The skin of the Peking duck is very Crispy

The course meal is usually comprised of 2 parts.

Part 1 consists of having the Peking duck served all nicely wrapped up in thin flour pancakes with spring onions and a special Chinese sauce.

Like this:

All wrapped up~~

Part 2 of the meal is made up of diced Peking duck, mixed with diced vegetables, served in Lettuce wraps with crispy noodles on top.

Here is a photo example:

Some of you (or all of you) reading this post may be wondering ‘What is so funny about the Peking duck’?????

Well, the Peking duck may be yummy, and is the main reason for why the story I am about to tell you is funny, the duck itself is not that funny.


My colleagues and I decided to have a dinner gathering to farewell one of the pharmacy technicians who was leaving the company.

(What better way to say goodbye than over a nice hearty dinner right?)

The Chinese restaurant we went to, which we didn’t know at the time, was quite traditional in its service and practice.

So when we ordered the lovely Peking duck 2 part course meal, we didn’t expect the lady owner to come walking to us, over at the table, bringing with her the actual glistening roasted duck which the chef was going to cut up and put on the plate.

Apparently, it is common Chinese practice for a serving staff to bring the roasted duck or pork over to the customers and ask if they are happy with the chef’s selection before it is served.

Being Taiwanese, nothing fazes me much.

My Japanese colleague on the other hand completely freaked out.

‘Arrrggghhhh~~’ She shuddered at the sight of the golden duck with its head still attached, and a look of true horror clearly evident on her face. She turned to look at me, searching hard for the same look of disgust on my face.

‘Is this duck okay?’ the restaurant owner questioned politely with a big smile on her face.

The only person who could speak Cantonese quickly replied yes in order to hurry the owner and duck away, all this time the Japanese lady looked like she has never seen anything more disturbing.

I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to laugh, so I used all the willpower that I had to stop from bursting into a hysterical laughing fit.

We ended up having a very lovely and delicious dinner.

The whole experience, as funny as it was to me, also made me wonder, if we all know the meat we are eating comes from some sort of living creature. (Unless it’s that synthetic meat Japanese scientists made from human poop, apparently it tastes alot like beef.) Why do people feel so uncomfortable seeing meat being served off an entire animal??

Maybe people just don’t want to be reminded that they are eating a used-to-be living creature???

I tried being a vegetarian and was one for about 2 years, however I didn’t get my diets right and had to stop when Pneumonia got the better of me.

Anyway, I shall stop blah bering.

Hope some of you found the story funny as well!!


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Some food photos from today:

Steak flavoured chips 😀

Mmm Mmm~~ You can see the ground black pepper on them~~~ (^-^)

Haven’t had this flavour from Whittaker’s chocolate before, decided to give it a try and found them to be very good!!

LOL!! Scooby-Doo!!! The box I picked in random to put my grocery shopping in. Didn’t even know this product existed! Maybe I will try some next time~~ (^-^)

Lovely dinner by Joe! This is the Main: Mushroom and pork risotto with fresh salad~~~

The starter was a delicious creamy soup, but forgot to take photos of it!

Dessert is Rice ball dumplings with sweet Sesame filling~~

These are SO good! Definitely have to try them if you haven’t had them before!!!!!