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Today was a good day!! :)

First of all the weather was beautiful and I got to wear my new red lace dress from Portmans!! 🙂

Secondly I got to enjoy dinner with my family at our weekly get together!

I had a Korean BBQ Pork rice set.

Hehe~~ I finished off dinner with this cute little bag of Haribo Goldbears which my sister gave me 🙂

Oops! My hands were oily~~


Instant Korean Seafood Soup

My family and I were shopping in a Korean supermarket the other day when I came across this product.

It is an Instant Korean Seafood soup.

Taste: 3/5

The soup has pieces of dried fish in it, which adds body and flavour to the soup. However, I thought the overall taste was quite average.

The soup also comes in different flavours, such as Seaweed miso.

Cost: 2.5/5

There is 7.6g of instant soup powder in one cup.

Each cup/serving costs between NZ$1 – $2.

Availability: 4/5

This particular and other similar Korean instant soup is available in most Korean or Asian supermarkets.


Overall Mark: 3.2/5

Comment: Everyone has different preferences. You won’t know if you’d like it until you have tried!! (^-^)