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Geoduck! :D

Geoduck pronounced “gooey duck” is a type of edible clam which can stretch out its “neck”  or siphon up to 1 metre long.

It is the largest burrowing clam in the world and dare I say has a certain “phallic” appearance to it~~

To be honest, I didn’t know Geoduck existed until yesterday afternoon when mum went to the sea market to get some clams for seafood pasta.

She also purchase some Diamond clams, and Surf clams.

20160423_130123 20160423_142634

At first I thought the Geoduck itself would make a big and hearty meal, but realised after watching mum preparing it that the majority of the clam was consisted of the inedible stomach, and therefore after processing we are only left with a small portion of the clam which is edible. 😮


On the left side of the tray is the edible part of Geoduck after cleaning.


The Diamond clam (left) has a sweet and crunchy taste to it whereas the Surf clam (right) is a lot bigger and has a crunchy, and a bit more chewy taste to it.

20160423_180604 20160423_180934

The Geoduck has two main edible parts to it, the belly meat (top), and the siphon (bottom).

The belly meat was sweet and tender, while the siphon was very crunchy and chewy~~

Overall, all the clams had a high level of “sweetness” and made wonderful ingredients for the seafood pasta last night! 😀

Family Dinner~~

I love a good family dinner!!

Especially after a fun day of shopping~~ 🙂

We went to a Chinese Seafood Restaurant called Golden Jade. They have a well recommended dish called 全家福 which rougly translates to “The complete happy family”.

Here are some photos of the dishes we had tonight:

Starter Soup with Pork chop and Epiphyllum Flower

The Epiphyllum flower gives the soup a thick and pleasantly mucousy taste. I know! I KNOW!! My description of the soup doesn’t sound very appetizing~~ It actually tastes quite similar to Okra (Ladyfinger) which is a key ingredient in gumbo~~~

Their Black Pepper Beef was very agreeable~~ It had the right amout of savoury taste and sweetness. The beef actually tasted like beef!! For some reason (in recent years) a lot of the beef in stir fried dishes from Chinese restaurants taste like they have been drowned in corn flour/starch before being cooked, resulting in the meat tasting very slippery and gummy in texture.

The sweet and sour chicken was very enjoyable as well. The chicken came in very big, and generous pieces.

Finally! 全家福 “The complete happy family” arrived!! What a suiting dish name for our wonderful family get together~~ 😀

The dish had Pāua (Abalone), Sea Cucumber, Prawns, Scallops, smoked Oysters, and Crispy Pork Belly (The black sheep of the “family”?? For not being a seafood).

Hope I haven’t missed anything out.. OH! And giant Chinese mushrooms~~

Pāua!! 😀

Sea Cucumber!! 😀

Seafood Lunch~~

Had yummy Prawns and Salmon for lunch~~~ 🙂

My improvisational cooking (^-^)

These are photos of some of my improvisational cooking (without recipes).

Seafood Stir-fry with Lemon juice

Entrée: Grilled Baguette Slices with cream cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and baked prawns.

Main: Chicken and Kumara Couscous, served with Avocado slices.

*It was my first time cooking Couscous.* (^-^)

Last but not least~~

Dessert: Orange jelly-fruit salad, served with vanilla custard on the top.